Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Random Thoughts from a Random Day

  I thought I would let my blog readers get to know me a little better by sharing some random thoughts that crossed my mind on a wasted day I spent sitting in front of the TV. These are all true thoughts and are in an order that, like my thought processes, really doesn't make much sense. So sit back and enjoy them.

    I believe humans increased their intelligence to invent the automobile so we wouldn't ever have to run again. Don't let their work be in vane stop jogging.

    I'm pretty sure my SIM is dead. I haven't played SIMS for so long. Does that mean I have a real life now?

    I wish sex was as easy to have as they make it out to be on all these TV shows. Then maybe I wouldn't watch TV as much.

    Naked vacuuming is not a good look for me.

    If Brett Bielema hated what Urban Meyer did he's really going to hate how the rest of the SEC recruits.

   Why am I so cheesy? I'm watching cheesy Christmas movies on Lifetime. I have issues with my own cheesyness.

   Another wasted day, I'm a slug fish.

   That Elf on the Shelf guy seems like a complete asshole. He's always getting into other peoples shit. 

   Whatever happened to the kid that played Jonathan on Who's The Boss?

   All the cool kids wear all black, skinny pants, cooky glasses & big hats.

   I wish I was a subject of a Wikipedia page.

   I wish I had a pet Narwhal and I would call him Spike, but he probably wouldn't fit in my tub.

And that was a day in my head. Makes you wonder if I smoke to much marijuana? The fact is, I don't smoke any of it. I don't need anything that would increase my laziness or the random thoughts that fog my already full occupied mind. I hope you enjoyed them and maybe answer some of my questions. Until the next fart, I'll leave you with a picture of this butthole.


  1. Any chance of sending a photo of you Naked vacuuming? ;)

    1. Lol I don't think it would be acceptable in my Blog. Wait it's my blog so who cares lol.