Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sexy Dancers

Check out these sexy dancers on Instagram!!
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

MLS Fans Say Thank You NBC Sports.

As a long time MLS fan I would like to say thank you to NBC Sports Channel. Over the years I have watched the league grow and become stable, but through out those years the television coverage of the league hasn't been up to par of the other leagues in America until MLS signed with NBC Sports. Not only is their television coverage of the games are by far better than what MLS has had in the past on other networks. NBC has used their expertise in story telling and television production to produce television shows that tell you about the players, the teams and the communities that MLS touches. These show's will help  the league to grow and hope it to expose it to the casual fan who isn't familiar to MLS or to soccer. A perfect example is their show MLS 36. A weekly show that showcases a player or players 36 hours before a game. In the 36 hours you learn about the players and what the team does to prepare for their game. It is very insightful to see how a typical day is like in a professional athletes life. Below are two full episodes of MLS 36  from the official MLS youtube page
The first features Matt Besler and Aurelien Collin of Sporting Kansas City. And the second one features Brad Davis of the Houston Dynamo. They are must see's.

Monday, June 24, 2013

MLS Insider A Must Watch Show!

Just wanted to share this great new series on NBC Sports Channel called MLS Insider by Emmy award winning Jonathan Hock. A series less about the highlights but the people and stories behind the game that make MLS such a compelling league to follow. The first episode aired this past Friday night and consisted of stories about NY Red Bull player Tim Cahill, the Philadelphia Union's supporter group Sons of Ben and former Columbus Crew and current LA Galaxy player Robbie Rogers coming out as the first openly gay athlete in american team sports. A must see show. Below is the full episode.

MLS Insider will air on Friday's at 7:30PM ET/4:30PM PT on the NBC Sports Network and at 2:00PM ET on the TSN networks in Canada.
 Produced by Hock Films , which is headed by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Jonathan Hock. Hock, who has won eight Emmy Awards and made three critically acclaimed documentaries for ESPN's Films' 30 for 30 series, says that MLS Insider is not going to be your typical weekly sports show.
 "The depth of passion within MLS culture is unlike anything else in America and Canada," he said. "We aim to immerse the viewer in very human stories – the good, the bad, the heroes, the villains – the whole range. Don’t expect a highlight show.”

Here is more from Houk in an interview with MLS.


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dancing Kevin!

It all started off with me trying to impress a girl friend at a Columbus Bluejacket's Hockey game.

Now it's grown way out of hand.

And you know the genie is out of the bottle and can't be put back in when you reach Jay Leno, not once but twice. Dancing Kevin on Jay Leno! And you can even get Dancing Kevin T-shirts and other gear. . If you find this disturbing, join the party. But if you enjoy it and love having fun you can always follow me, Dancing Kevin, on twitter  @kschroeder1720 

Or join me on Facebook at the  Dancing Kevin Fan Page. I'll try to keep it up with new and exciting entertaining things and tell you when I'm out and about. Or even when I do some stand up comedy around town. I hope to see you on my page or twitter feed soon. But until then I will leave you with this little Arty Party.