Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Schroeder The Magnificent, City Builder

     Don't let the title fool you. I didn't spend this beautiful day helping building a better society or create harmony in the city I live in. No I did something that was much harder. I built an entire city with it's zoning, services, and infrastructure from the ground up. All the while keeping my citizens happy and employed. I am a demigod. Well at least in Sim City 4. That's right I wasted the entire day building a make believe city in a make believe world. How pathetic huh? I said to myself I would only play for thirty minutes. But as the buildings grew, and my tax revenue raised, I got caught up in the whole thing. Yes my SIMs need more education, I built them a school, then a college, and finally a University. Wait my city needs culture, so I build museums then an art museum, and finally an opera. My SIMs are now afraid of the crime wave sweeping through this growing city. I need more police stations and now I need a jail so that goes in. And so on and so on until 100'000's of new SIM's are flocking to my utopia city. Then an expansion MLB baseball team wants to come to my city, I build a stadium for them. Suddenly they are cheering my name and want to build a giant statue of me in my honor. Of course why not? But let's make it a focal point of the cities gleaming new center. So I create a square surrounded by parks and landmarks. Then I build skyscrapers like the CNN tower and the Empire State Building. My city is becoming a metropolis. A shining beacon of hope and progress. And I am the leader of this Capital of Perfection. I am adored by my SIM's. They name children after me. Paint masterpieces of me. My birthday is a national holiday celebrated by them. This must be how Hitler felt. Of course minus all the persecution of the jews and warmongering. I am great. Call me Schroeder the Magnificent HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (Evil Laugh)!!! Then suddenly the phone rings, and I am snapped back to reality and the realization that I just wasted six hours of my life that I will never get back. I'm not magnificent, I'm ridiculous

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