Tuesday, November 6, 2012

John Davidson Takes Over The Columbus Bluejackets

     If you read this blog for any amount of time, you will realize that I am a proud Ohio boy through and through. And that I will go off on random rants about the place of my birth and the many loves that I hold true and dear to my heart. The Columbus Bluejackets are one of those true loves. Although, at times, it's been rough and heartbreaking to be a Bluejackets fan, I've never wavered, along with millions of other CBJ fans (Regardless what people think, there really are that many fans, people), in my love and fandom for them. I think the hockey gods have been listening, minus this lockout of course.  After years of being the doormat of the NHL, only making the playoffs one time since they joined the league in 2000, the owners have made what I believe will be the biggest impact hiring in the history of the organization. They hired John Davidson as the president of hockey operations on October 24th, 2012. A bona fide proven hockey man that has experience of turning around a struggling team in St. Louis. This hire gives instant credibility to the Bluejackets organization, and instant relief to a fan base in dire need of good news. And I can say for this fan, since the announcement I haven't been able to stop smiling or shimmying. I'm ready to give John Davidson some belly love. And I will the next time I dance at Nationwide Arena on that beautiful new jumbotron, I promise you that. But before then, get your Bluejackets fill by checking out these great video's by the Columbus Bluejackets Youtube page on the day John Davidson took over as President of Hockey Operations.


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