Friday, November 2, 2012

Special Delivery: Confidence

        I had quite an interesting experience today. One that kind of surprised me, and put a smile on my face when it really kind of needed it. Now, I don't want you to think I am some kind of egotistical butthead that needs to have his ego stroked and relishes in being the center of the universes attention. Although I am a bit of a media whore and maybe do kinda sometimes like being the center of an, I don't know, atom, but who doesn't right? I mean it's nice to be the Kim Kardashian at the party, the least talented in the room but everybody still wants your picture. Makes the rest of your dreary day and pathetic life bearable. But I digress. Let's get back to the events of this day that made it The Daily Fart Blog worthy. I was leaving my house as our nice Asian (That really has no bearing on the story, just trying to paint a picture. Make you think he was about to say something very Confucius like in that stereotypical way that we other races, for some weird reason, portray them to sound like as we squint our eyes stupidly.) postman was walking through the gate with our mail. I greeted him with a hello and he likewise. Than he stopped looked at me and asked, "Are the rumors true?"
       "What rumors?" I asked.
        "That the shirtless dancing guy from the Cheers Liquor Mart Tv commercials lives at this address?"
          I told him, "Yes, that's me."
          He looked at me with a grin and began going off, "I knew that was you, I just knew it. I can't believe it. I love those commercials. You got to put it here man." As we fist bumped he continued. "People have told me that at this address that the Cheers Guy lived here but i didn't believe them. Wait until I tell people that I  delivered mail to the Cheers guy."
         I smiled and said " I'm sure they won't care. It's not that big of a deal"
         He was like "No man, we all talk about your commercials down at the station. We love you. I got to tell my friend Eric, you know the tall black guy that sometimes delivers your mail, that the rumor is true. He  absolutely loves you."
        I said "sure and thanks I really appreciate it."
          "No problem man, thank you. I'm glad I got to meet you man. Keep doing what you're doing" And he walked off.
        As he walked off I thought, wow I touched him. I really made a difference to him and his friends. I influenced them. Grant it, it was where they should buy their alcoholic beverages. But it made them smile and feel good for the 30 or so seconds as my shirtless body was shaking and shimmying on their tv scenes. And if that made them forget the crappy boring inertia of their daily lives than that is something isn't it?