Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ode to the 24 Pack of Crayons

 By Melissa Getz AKA Getzilla

     The 96 pack of crayons were for the non creative kids. 
As a child, with only the 24 pack, you had to squeeze mileage out of each and every crayon.
The precious colored wax was not wasted on frivolous pictures, nor were they distributed
to classmates.
Every colored stick in the ostentatious 96 pack cried out to be  used, only to be passed up for another.
Jealousy and tension  ranked high in the lavish pack.
Crayons were bitter in that four or five looked nearly the same, only with a slight
variation in tone.
But the 24 pack, abused and rounded down.
Knew each one would eventually be a part of the picture.
And if one was gone they could not perform.
All the pigments were necessary to compliment and contrast.
(Unlike the 96 pack. Replacements lurked every where.)
In closing. 
This is a story about character and creativity.
Drawing a masterpiece with 24 crayons takes creativity.
And asking your friends, who have the 96 pack, for a crayon,
builds character.
Thank You.

Melissa Getz, AKA Getzilla: Melissa's three dimensional sculpture showcase straightforward subject matter and titles with a narrative quality throughout the work.
The work consists of stylistic bronze and mixed media in a representational form of figures and objects with a touch of lowbrow.
The heavy handed human forms sit next to fluid, jaunty animal pieces that are frozen in mid movement.  All with an underlying tone of humor.
Closeness to nature and creatures, create the basis for the artist's inspiration.  This love of nature as well as the appreciation for the depth of the artist's own emotional discoveries is revealed in the art.
Melissa grew up in what was once rural Ohio, next to her grandfather's farm.  She has worked outdoors all her life whether planting annuals in flower beds or cutting down beetle infested pines in the Pike National Forest.
Melissa currently lives in Colorado Springs and gets out into nature as much as possible with Kevin and their mutt, Rudy. and

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