Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Buck Needs Bucks For His BuckShot.

I came across this video today on Youtube and being a dog lover it really truly bothered me. If someone could do this to a poor defenseless animal that just wants to love unconditionally than what could this monster do to another human being? I'll post the video and the link to the Facebook page where you can get more information on how to help not only Buck but other neglected dog's that need help. Thank you for reading and helping out if you can.

Started on January 5, 2013
In Conroe, Texas.Buck was found Saturday morning, January 5, 2013, by my neighbor as he was driving to the store. Buck was inside a tied contractor garbage bag and the bag was tied to a t-post of a fence. My neighbor noticed the bag moving and stopped and realized there was a dog inside. He tore the bag open and there was Buck. He was bloody, limping, and lethargic. They called me and I came and got the dog and took him to the emergency clinic. I do not have funds to pay for his expenses, so I have set up this Facebook page for Buck so that people can donate to his cause and monitor his progress. Please donate. I am an animal rescuer and will rise to the occasion to help an animal in need. However, I am not independently weathly and rescuers need help helping animals. Please be so kind and make a donation.

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  1. I donated. Great pup and great cause.